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All About Polymer Clay

CraftMerrily stocks a wide range of Polymer Clays. We also pride ourselves on an excellent range of accessories, Polymer Clay tools, Fimo kits for children and beginners and mould to encourage creativity. Fimo

Fimo is a popular brand of polymer clay from Staedtler, previously sold under the Eberhard Faber name. Fimo Soft is an excellent clay for large or bulk work as it is soft and easy to knead and shape. Ideal for children, it comes in a large range of colours, including special Fimo Effects such as glitter Fimo and translucent, neon colours. Fimo produces a wide selection of easy kits for children and new Fimo users, which teach modelling skills and are packed full of great ideas, making them wonderful gifts and presents.

Fimo Classic is intended for more advanced users and those wanting a clearer or more delicate finish to modelling. Ideal for models with lots of detail, fine edges or those wanting to make beads and jewellery which employ advanced techniques, it is a firmer compound in a wide range of popular colours and both small and large, excellent value, blocks.

Professional Modelling Tools

Fimo also has a strong range of additional products designed to support and expand creativity. The Fimo range focuses on amazing bead rollers, which create uniform and exciting bead shapes, plus they also have Metal Leaf products, Fimo Quickmix for softening Fimo which is out of condition and a much loved water based varnish. Sculpey have developed a range of wonderful texture plates and fine tipped modelling tools and have this year brought out a polymer clay Conditioning Machine the crafty name for the well known pasta machine!

Polymer Clay Modelling Kits

Fimo Starter kits fall into three broad categories. We have a variety of Introductory Fimo Kits, which contain a range of colours for modelling, along with tools and instructions. Of these, the Basic Starter Kit is extremely popular and an excellent gift. In addition there are simple kits each based on a theme; the Create Your Own Sets are aimed at children and come with colours for a particular project and include lots of expansion ideas. Finally there are the Fimo Classic Technique Kits which focus on professional blending and Caning methods to strength and develop polymer clay skills and an excellent collection of Fimo Jewellery Making Kits, which make fabulous necklaces and earrings and more, while developing clay techniques.

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